I’m John Hamilton. I’m an anti-virus and IT security expert. I am active in a number of Anti-Malware communities and work with Anti-virus vendors and researchers. I’ve written a book on anti-virus called ‘Anti-virus eBook’. I think it’s a must read for those who use computer on a daily basis.

The book discusses how you can keep your information safe from cyber criminals. You will get to know about the latest threats that are targeting your computer. You will know about various computer threats like viruses, rogue ware, adware, scare ware, etc. The book will provide you features of various anti-virus software, what kinds of viruses they can detect and get rid of, which anti-virus software are free and for which you need license, etc. The book also provides anti-virus software installation guidance and renewal procedure. You will get to know about the best anti-virus software available in the market and their prices. Lots of expert reviews are also included in this e-book.

This e-book can be your guide to solving any virus-related problem of your computer. I update the blog regularly with latest information, news and malware removal guides for computer threats. Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy reading it!