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3 reasons why you should learn about IT security


Even if your job doesn’t involve IT security issues, it is a good thing to learn about IT security. It will help you to understand security threats so that you can take the necessary corrective actions. Here are the reasons why you should learn more about IT security.

1. Security is everyone’s responsibility

If there is any security problem in your office, for example, you want to know whether anyone has shared your folder or not, you need to ask the IT Admin. If there is anything wrong regarding IT security, you have to depend on your IT Admin. Instead, if you know about IT security yourself, then you don’t need to depend on others for resolving such issues.

2. Securying your products

If you are a product expert, you know more about the security settings and vulnerabilities than a security team. Instead of giving the whole task of IT security to the security team, you can work together with the team, provide your ideas of product security and learn about what the security team has to say. Together, you can make the product more secured.

3. Contributing to security

The boardroom needs to decide on several issues like risk management, change management, security assessment, etc. If everyone is knowledgeable about IT security, then they can contribute to the decision making along with the IT security experts.

And It is like you want to secure your hunting, but do not want to participate in the reading of the best hunting knife reviews.

In your company, you should work closely with the security team so that you know all the security aspects of your company. In case of emergency, you can be of great help to your company. Also, this will help you in decision making issues regarding what kind of security to implement in your company and choosing the right security products.


Do you need an antivirus for your smartphone?


Many people are curious to know whether you need an anti-virus software for your smartphone or not. The answer is that your smartphone needs security like PC.



Android app stores have a tendency to neglect screening certain apps. So, they let in some Android-specific malware. ‘Ransomware’ is common in Android devices.

You need to protect your device from such threats. Research shows that more than 95% of mobile malware targets Android operating system.

The good news is that there are many high-quality Android anti-virus apps available which can safeguard your Android device. The software on some metal detector for the money runs on android and also needs high-quality anti-virus apps to ensure they work without hiccups. These include BitDefender, BullGuard, Kaspersky Lab, etc.



Many people think that iOS doesn’t need any antivirus software. But this is not true. You don need anti-virus for your iOS also.

Apple keeps a closer eye at it’s app stores than Google. So, there is less chance that any malware will get in easily.

There are some security apps available in app store, but it doesn’t provide full security. So, you need to get anti-virus software for your iOS device.



BlackBerry is not as guarded as iOS, so malwares do slip in.

The number of BlackBerry users is less than iOS and Android users.

So, hackers don’t target BlackBerry users often. Still, it’s a good idea to run an anti-virus app for your BlackBerry phone.



Windows phone users are also less compared to Android and iOS users.

So, they are not a big target of the hackers. Still, it is a good idea to get an anti-virus app from brands like Norton or Kaspersky.

Though the threat of virus in mobile phones is not as much as that in PC, you should guard your device from any virus or malware using anti-virus apps.

4 free anti-virus software to protect your PC


Anti-virus software is widely available now. Besides the paid software, you can find lots of free anti-virus software online. Here are some of the best free anti-virus software available to protect your PC from viruses and other malwares. The list is based on independent lab tests.

Avast Free Anti-virus


This software has produced good results from independent labs. It has scored very good on malware blocking and antiphishing tests. It can scan router and network for security problems. It has an integrated password manager. It can even scan outdated software. It provides system cleanup scan, boot-time scan, etc.

AVG Free Anti-virus


This anti-virus has also scored high on independent lab tests. It has received a decent antiphishing score. It can provide full scan at a better speed than other free anti-virus software. It provides file shredder option.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition


This anti-virus software is very unobtrusive. It can work entirely in the background. It doesn’t need any configuration settings. It obtained good scores in removal tests and malware blocking. It has excellent phishing protection.

Sophos Home


It scored well from independent lab tests. It scored very well in malicious URL blocking and antiphishing tests. It is very simple to use and has a clean interface. It has powerful remote monitoring and management system. It protects both Windows and Mac systems.

Every PC, laptop or tablet requires security software. These should include up-to-date anti-virus, firewall and antispyware. But this is not enough to make your computer secured. Your PC or laptop is never entirely safe. But having a good free anti-virus software is a good start. It will protect your machine from all kinds of sophisticated attacks.